10 Hot Fashion Handbags for Spring and Summer

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10 Hot Fashion Handbags for Spring and Summer

10 Hot Fashion Handbags for Spring and Summer

10 Hot Fashion Handbags for Spring and Summer

10 Hot Fashion Handbags for Spring and Summer Article -

By Nikki LeRoi

This year there are is an endless array of handbag styles and colors to choose from that can give your warm weather outfits a lift. This is a great opportunity to pick up some new ladies handbags that have a fresh, modern vibe.

Printed Canvas Handbag - Canvas bags with vibrant colors and prints have an artistic flair with unexpected color combinations. Special features include: ethnic prints, tropical screen prints, wooden handles, tall handles, chunky handles. Colors: white and red, white and black, pink and purple, black and white with green trim, etc.

Leather Oversize Tote - The big bag takes center stage. Holds all your makeup and essentials with room for magazines, and that extra pair of shoes. Colors: brown, tan, white, gray. Styles: range from slouchy to the more traditional clean, classic lines.

Slim Shoulder Handbag - 1950s inspired handbags are just right for today's look. These boxy shaped bags are nifty and feature various style choices from timeless elegance to zesty snakeskin. The cool looking hardware is also part of the attraction. Handles feature lots of chains, from fanciful to chunky. This is a nice look that goes with casual outfits.

Big Bright Patent Leather Handbag - Don't be shy, make an incredibly modern and chic statement with a big shiny beauty of a handbag. Forget the dainty patent leather of old. Some highlights are: biker style zippers, generous room inside, sturdy and durable, oh yeah, and that dazzling shine. Colors: racy reds, lemon yellows, glossy greens, and bold blues. These go very well with your neutral outfits.

Classy Satchel Handbag - Satchels are no longer clunky and unwieldy. The new satchel gets a fresh makeover while keeping that classic shape and heavily accented style. While you'll still have rich browns to chose from, now there is a whole array of colors: yellow, green, purple, blue, silver, white and cream. Special accents are: whipstitching, tassels and angled zippers.

Sporty Stripes Handbag - Rev up for some sporty fun with crisp, clean and casual stripes. Leather and canvas get jazzed up with red, white, green, blue, orange and black stripes. Styles vary. You'll find stripes on both canvas totes and leather satchels.

Snakeskin Clutch Handbag - Sizzling and seductive, the small clutch purse is transformed into just the right look for that special evening out. Bold snakeskin prints are in brown and black, silver and black, or cream and tan. Keep other accessories light when you carry one of these sassy numbers.

Soft Straw Handbag - If you've never thought about carrying a straw bag before, it's time to reconsider. This classic summer bag comes in more styles than ever before. Soft straw is flexible and lovely to look at. The straw can appear in many patterns. Leather accents come in colors such as: dark or light brown, white, tan and even snakeskin. These handbags go best with casual neutrals.

Glamorous Metallic Handbag - Metallic handbags tend to be a bit flashy and it's hard to find the right outfit to wear with them. However, metallic bags have taken an unexpected sophisticated twist, with textured intricate patterns that compliment many more outfits. Styles range from drawstring to hobo to retro.

Designer Denim Handbag - The basic denim handbag gets an upgrade with more styles and great touches like leather accents, angled zippers, tassels, buckles, straps and outer pockets with whipstitching. The new denim bag is fun, casual and chic.

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